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Unique Doors & Timber have been supplying builders and renovators for the past three years. They are a one stop shop when it comes to lock-up and fixing materials. The company first opened its doors three years ago in a small factory in Campbelfield and since then has outgrown its premises and relocated to a larger factory which also has a timber yard. We have quickly captured a large part of the retail timber market just by positive word of mouth.

Unique Doors and Timber carry a vast range of door and timber products for both Builders and Owner Builders.

Unique Doors and Timber range includes Doors, Framing/Lockup Timber, Cement Sheet Products, Door Furniture and Hardware. We offer both Hume Doors and Corithian Doors.

Builders, renovators and home handymen will find everything they need for new and replacement doors right here, at Unique Doors and Timber.

Our range of building supply products is one of the largest and most comprehensive in Melbourne.


17 Grasslands Avenue, Craigieburn, VIC 3064
Phone: 03 8339 4445
Fax: 03 8339 4446

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