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Cement Sheeting


Fibre cement sheeting products are manufactured by CSR, BGC and James Hardie in accordance to with AS2908.2000 Cellulose Cement Products Sheet sizes vary


Cement Sheeting

Unique Doors & Timber provide cement sheeting for ceilings, eaves and sofit linings. The products are manufactured by PRIMA and JAMES HARDIE. The cement sheets are easy to work with and also provide a long life. The sheets come is special sizes making it easy to incorporate into home designs without a lot of wastage.

Available sizes:

1200 x 3000
1200 x 2400
900 x 2400
900 x 1800
600 x 2400
450 x 2400

Blue Boards

These sheets are designed to be strong so that they can render on. Blueboards are ideal for areas where brick work is unable to go, mainly for upper stories.

Picture of blue boards

Available sizes:

1200 x 3000
1200 x 2725
1200 x 2440
900 x 3000
900 x 2725

Ceramic Tile Underlay (CTU)

CTU is used to protect tiles from movements that occur naturally in timber. It can be fixed directly on to particle board or plywood floors.

Available sizes:

900 x 1800

Unique Doors & Timber would also like to announce that they are taking special orders from customers for all scion products. Cladding, Flooring, Trims and Weatherboards.

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